Our Terms & Conditions


Fee Policies & Procedures

1.1 Fees are strictly payable by the due date, unless prior payment arrangement is made. Non payment of fees may result in the loss of the enrolment position. A $5 late payment fee will be added to the invoice for each week it is late from the due date. If the invoice is still outstanding at the end of the term, an additional late payment penalty fee of $10 will be added to the invoice. 

1.2 If a student fails to pay fees for any reason, it will be put in the hands of a debt collector. The recoverable collection cost will be paid by the outstanding student.

1.3 All statutory holidays are observed and fees have been calculated over the year. Where classes fall on public holidays, no make-up classes or refunds are given.

1.4 Some classes through the year may unfortuntately be cancelled due to exams. During exams absolute silence is required throughout the studio. The days and times of exams are not set by Santarelli School of Dance, but by the headquarters of the correct dance organisation (ISTD for Jazz and Tap and RAD for Ballet). As fees are calculated over the year, this has been taken into account and students are offered to attend a make up class in one of our regularly scheduled classes in this instance. 

1.5 Fees are only payable by electronic bank transfer or cash. Cheques are not accepted.

1.6 Any receipt, if required, will only be emailed to the enrolment email address.

1.7 If enrolment commences part way through a term, invoices will include a discount of $10 for each lesson missed before enrolment commenced.


Refund Policies & Procedures

2.1 After commencement of classes NO refunds will be given to students.

2.2 At the directors discretion fees may be refunded but a $50 cancellation fee will apply.

2.3 In some cases of illness or injury make up classes can be arranged. All make up classes must be within the same term and only in classes where positions are available.


Class Uniform Policies & Procedures

3.1 All students must be appropriately dressed for class, with correct footwear. NO primary or secondary school uniforms are to be worn during class and no excess jewellery to be worn.

3.2 All students (except adults) must purchase the Santarelli School of Dance regulation uniforms by the end of their first term. Students must wear their uniform to all lessons. Hair is to be neatly groomed and secured off the face.

3.3 Any student inappropriately dressed or groomed will not be able to participate in class activities due to health and safety regulations.


Notification, Notice Board Policies & Procedures

4.1 It is the parents and students responsibility to read the notice board on a weekly basis and to join our Facebook page.

4.2 It is the parents and students responsibility to read e-mail communication.


Health, Safety, Injury & Medical Conditions Policies & Procedures

5.1 Santarelli School of Dance is not liable for personal injury sustained or any loss or damage of personal property, whilst on the premises.

5.2 Santarelli School of Dance will aim to provide a safe learning environment to reduce the risk of injury. It should be recognized by all students, parents/guardians that dance by its very nature carries a risk of injury or accident.

5.3 Santarelli School of Dance provides qualified and/or experienced dance teachers, who actively promote safe dance practice. This being the case it should be realised that injuries do occur from time to time and students must accept this element of risk.

5.4 It is the student's parents/guardians responsibility to notify their teacher in the event of injury/medical condition prior to class.

5.5 Prior to the commencement of the class, it is the student's or parents/guardians responsibility to advise their teacher of any injury which is being treated that may be of concern.

5.6 A first aid kit is available to any student through their teacher or the office. We do not provide anyone with Panadol or equivalent or administer students medication.

5.7 Santarelli School of Dance students are under supervision whilst in class time only. While we endeavor to provide a safe environment, teachers and staff cannot be responsible for students outside their allocated class time.


Class Attendance

6.1 Regular class attendance is vital for students to develop and keep abreast of their syllabus work. Students must be punctual to classes to ensure they receive a complete warm up.

6.2 Students on senior classes are required to attend 80% of classes per term to be eligible for the following term. 90% attendance is required in term 4 to be eligible for the end of year performance. 


Examinations, Presentations & Tests

7.1 All Ballet, Jazz & Tap classes follow an internationally recognised syllabus.

7.2 Students will be entered into examinations strictly at the discretion of the teacher.

7.3 Examination fees charged by the R.A.D. and I.S.T.D. are additional to term fees.


Concert & Costume Policies & Procedures

8.1 It is not compulsory for a student to be involved in the annual performances, however it is encouraged.

8.2 Each student participating in the concert is required to attend extra rehearsals, dress rehearsals and all performances.

8.3 No parent/guardian is able to help backstage or in the dressing rooms without authorised approval.

8.4 Costuming will be additional hire charge to be paid in Term 4.

8.5 Concerts will be filmed and photographed professionally.


Photography & Videoing of Students

9.1 Photography or videoing of students in class and at concerts is not permitted. This is for the safety & well being of each individual student and to comply with the privacy act regulations.



10.1 Choreography for classes and performances remain the artistic and intellectual property of Santarelli School of Dance and/or the syllabus providers. Choreography must not be copied or used without prior permission of the Santarelli School of Dance.


Privacy Act

11.1 This enrolment form collects personal information about you. Under the Privacy Act 1993 you are entitled to have access to, and request correction of, this information which is held at the Santarelli School of Dance's premises at 75 Felton Mathew Ave, St Johns, Auckland, New Zealand.



12.1 Santarelli School of Dance maintains the right to dismiss any student who breaches any of the stated Terms & Conditions, damages property or causes disruptions to any classes of a severe nature.

12.2 Any dismissal decision is at the discretion of the Directors after consultation with any involved teacher.

12.3 Should a dismissal occur a refund will be at the discretion of the Directors.