At the end of every year Santarelli School Of Dance showcases the wonderful students and all the 

work they have done during the year in a spectacular performance. 

While participation by students is not compulsory it is highly encouraged so the students can

participate in the fun and excitement of the 'on stage' experience.

Our show is a huge undertaking by students and faculty with over 2000 costumes, around 450

students, elaborate lighting and many props.

A show of this size allows students to feel the excitement of live performance and to

experience the 'back stage' buzz of all involved. These just something amazing about

walking onto stage and having the audience applause.


Furthermore students get to understand what goes into large productions and 

the work involved. Many students help with costume making, set building and seniors sometimes

get to be involved with choreography and concept design.

Shows are held at Waipuna Hotel and Conference centre in the fantastic Cole Theatre.

Our shows truly are the highlight of the year.