Our Studios

Studio 4
Studio 3
Studio 2
Studio 1

Santarelli School of Dance is comprised of 4 dance studios, office, open plan lounge/cafe

and off set changing rooms and bathroom.

All our dance studios have full length mirrors, sound systems and fans for the hotter

months. We have installed sound diffusers to the ceilings to help with noise control as 

well as reduce reverberation for the Tap classes.

Our lounge cafe area has a TV running kids programmes to help entertain

siblings that may be waiting as well as a large seating area which runs all the 

way down the hall. We even have a magazine selection for all to read.

Our office is directly off the lounge for those that have questions (during office hours)

and also has our uniform and secondhand items for sale

Finally, set down the side, is our changing area for those perhaps coming straight

from school and at the halls end, our bathroom.

Feel free to contact us to make an appointment if you

wanted to come and see for yourself.