First Time Dancer?

At some stage everyone has been a first time dancer.

It can be a bit daunting knowing what class is best, what level to start at or even what to wear.


Don’t worry, we can help. First things first, all trial classes are free and

there is no obligation to continue. This is for all classes and genres we have.

On top of that we will chat with you about what experience (or none) you might have

and what genre would be best for you given your likes.

Then we place you on the roll and you come to a class to trial.


We will tell you when the class is on, who the teacher is, and what to wear.

As a general rule for a trial class is best to wear something that allows free movement and is comfortable.

Please read our F.A.Q. page here as it may answer some questions or

fill out Trial form here.

Then when you love the class (we bet you do) you can either fill out an

enrolment form in the office or you can do it online on our website.


Simple as that.