Q. What class do I choose?

A. If you or your child would like to start dancing but are unsure of what genre or level is most suitable, please click HERE to take you to the contact/ question form. Please provide information regarding age, any experience and any particular interest.


Q. Can we trial a class?

A. Of course. Before enrolling yourself or your child into a class, we actually recommend attending a trial first. There is no charge for a trial class. To book a trial, please click here. Once we receive your Trial form we will be in touch to confirm your trial lesson.

Q. How do I enrol?

A. To enrol, please fill in the enrolment form found on the website HERE or request a form in the office during office open hours. Enrollments are processed in 3 – 5 working days of being received. Once processed, you will be emailed an invoice which is the confirmation of enrolment.


Q. Do I have to enrol each term?

A. Enrolments stay the same for the whole year starting from when you enrol. You do not need to re-enrol each term, only at the beginning of each year. A new invoice is issued at the beginning of each term automatically.


Q. How do I pay my invoice? 

A. The Santarelli bank account number is provided on the invoice for online transactions. Alternatively EFTPOS or cash can be accepted in the office. If paying in the office, please have your invoice handy to provide the amount and invoice number when paying.


Q. How do I contact Santarelli School Of Dance? 

A. The Santarelli office is open Monday – Friday 3:30pm – 5:00pm and Saturday 8:30am – 11:30am. Please note our phone-line is only monitored during these hours. To contact us outside of office hours, please use the contact/question form on this website HERE.


Q. What level or grade should my child be?

A. Please contact us via the contact/question form online to find the correct level. Please note – In regards to ballet, Pre-school ballet is for 3 and 4 year olds. 5 year olds can start Pre-Primary Ballet.


Q. Do the classes change?

A. Be aware that most Ballet classes will go up a grade at the beginning of Term 2.

This is due to exams/assessments occurring at the end of Term 1. If you are not sure if your

child should be moving up (i.e they just started / they aren’t sitting an exam or assessment), please email us to check or ask their teacher.

When the classes go up a level, they stay in the same time slot with the same teacher that they started the year with. 


Q. Where do I get the required uniform?

A. These are available for purchase in the Santarelli office during office hours. Some specific items can only be purchased from The Dancer’s Wardrobe in Remuera – please speak to the office staff for guidance. New students are given a terms grace before purchasing the set uniforms. More information can be found on our uniforms page HERE.


Q. How can I find out information about exams?

A. Please see our exam page HERE.


Q. What's your annual show and what is it about?

A. We run an end of year annual show which every student is welcome to participate in if they wish. The show runs in the first week of December. Information for the show is handed out via a sign up letter at the start of term 3 each year. The show gives students the opportunity to perform with costumes and lighting, and is often the highlight of their dance year!